RichCopy 4.0 software is Free (Freeware) that are out by microsoft, software is usually used by the staff - staff to microsoft to copy the files - the files in a number of large and many. Staff may not copy the file that microsoft so much, and in large copy with the usual process in use in the microsoft windows.

RichCopy can copy 80% faster compared with the normal copy, not only that this software can also resume the copy process has been stopped before.

RichCopy very useful when you copy many files or move files that are large. Often the process of copying the running stopped abruptly, usually caused by the computer hangs or bottleneck in the network or also listri the dead. Of course, you should check that any file sent to the destination to send back the remaining files. And that cranky create one file that is large, although most of the files are sent with a certain size to the destination, but if the transfer process has stopped, the file must be sent back entirely from scratch.

To overcome this problem the application allows you to make a pause and resume the process of transfer is running, so as if you are download files from the internet with a download manager. If suddenly there is a disruption menyebabakan stopped the transfer process, it does not make you have to repeat the process from the beginning, but you can stay back from the file size of the last remaining.

Maybe some of you already know or have been using TeraCopy software, namely software that allows you to speed up the copy process also. But the software that I give (RichCopy) has advantages in compare with TeraCopy, because this software is microsoft made their own, so better understand the system - a system in Microsoft Windows. ;

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