In this article I'll discuss a bit about the field of multimedia, especially video editing. Why would I deliberately talk about this article, because I also wrestle in this area and I want to share and search for even better experience for improving quality in the field of video editing. Probably from me is not so understanding about video editing, but little did I know I want to give me what I know about video editing, if you are already a senior in the field of video editing are expected to share his experience with giving her posts here because my comment itself is also still needed.

Coverage of the video editing itself is actually quite extensive, but here I will discuss how the heck to result in tranver from camcorders to computers with high-quality results so as to stage pengeditannya no longer a constraint about the poor video quality. a card for tranver of camcorders in general may be known by fireware card, but whether it is enough as a medium for mentranver video from handycam to PC? and whether all camcorders support for these cards? possible for new types of camcorders currently support with fireware (DV), but for a long time handycam types may not support for tranver via fireware (DV), well how to cope with such a solution? besides DV longer exists such as S-Video, USB, etc. ..

This is the most appropriate solution, a card that have the facilities that are complete enough to be support for tranver of different types of camcorders available, and from this card can produce videos of very high quality. These types of cards among which of Snazzi, Pinnacle, etc. Canapus ;

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