Winamp music player in your PC / laptop? Did you know there are options that are hidden from winamp? I will give you a simple technique raises a hidden option to make winamp look more attractive, perhaps many who do not know about the hidden options of this winamp. For some reason this option is not displayed in the winamp menu when this option is quite nice and interesting, that is when we play music from Winamp's display will flash transparent to the music. The picture is an example of options that have been activated, the picture of winamp it looks a little tranparant. If you are interested also want to try it please follow the simple steps below.

You can use winamp version 5 and above, for my own version of the under-5 have not tried it.
when winamp is open conditions, typing "Nullsoft" (without the quotes ") when typing in the position of L will display a menu of" open file "in the esc or close it and continue typing until the T. After that try to play a song, if successful eating display winamp will blink. hope this is useful, good luck.


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