This time I will discuss how to bring up hidden emoticons on ym,, often hidden emoticons like to use the facilities but the problem we should open a yahoo site first to see a list of the codes hidden emoticons that we want to use,, this way really very troublesome, for my mengetasinya there is a more practical as well as using the emoticons that are already available in YM.

Well, I have a very simple trick to create hidden emoticons so that we do not need to memorize or access the list of hidden emoticons in advance because we will try to show hidden ym imototicon on our list,,,
what we need is just installing a plug-in ym
Read phonetically here. After the plug-in installed next to use the plugin you must first select the "Actions --- --- Choose a Plugin ... teyus select My Tab Plug-ins --- Start", well then live your lives who want to choose your friends ngbrol you refer, the result will look like this:

Instal Plug-in YEmotePLUS


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