Conficker virus that is also known as Downadup or have the call Kido spread to the entire internet in January with the way hard detected. In four days the computer has become the millions of victims. Currently, the virus is already litter pinak into eight variants.

Conficker is doing great on 1 April and the cause of Resurrection on the Internet. Indications are obtained, when the security company to disassemble the virus and find the content of the code, the computer Conficker to contact the author on 1 April and the wait to be done.

Conficker this attack to be the topic of the newspaper world. British newspaper The Sun write "Millions of computers around the world will roll on April 1, because the virus that shut down. Windows worm called Conficker can provide unlimited access to the infected machine in the world, ".

Meanwhile, The Globe and Mail Canada write "World Wide Web (WWW) will be potentially damaged, dangerous code that has caused French military aircraft have to land tempurnya".

During the last six months Conficker engineers have created a computer can not sleep soundly in keeping computer systems company and the government to stay safe. Conficker has menginfeksi estimated 3 million to 12 million PCs running the Windows operating system owned by Microsoft Corp..

Conficker first appeared last November, the problems with the exploit in the Microsoft software. Software giant has issued a patch, but the computer has not install the patch and still more prone to infection. The more serious the virus can also spread through USB flash disk.

Then if Conficker damage already created on 1 April? Until now, Conficker.C do not show symptoms of something big.

Meanwhile, for home computer users and offices, Conficker can be ordered to destroy important data, data such as MS Office (MS Word, Excel or a database). In addition to crippling the computer can also do with the format hardisk.

Detecting computer that is infected Conficker very easy. One of the computers have been so if the victim is a smooth surfing on the internet, but can not access the Microsoft site.

Include can not access anti-virus vendor sites famous. Creator Conficker include features to prevent the infected machine, so can not download the program eraser virus.

Primary prevention to avoid contracting Conficker is to install the patch MS 08-067 located at

In addition, the network computer must be protected with antivirus programs that update. Conficker capability that can be spread through flash cause this rapid spread of virus in Indonesia. But the main factor Conficker can spread quickly is because exploit MS 08-067 security rift that has not been completely ditambal.

If your computer is exposed to virus Conficker or you just want to check whether you can use a tool conficker


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