At the time of the data / files we had been infected with the virus files are automatically replaced with the extension *. exe and when we scan with anti virus what would happen? Data as if it had eaten away the virus. But in fact the data is still there but the file system has been changed to SH (what we call super hidden) ever to see him try to go to Tools ~>> Folder Options ~>> View ~>> put checks on the "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) then OK, and look at the files again, yes there was still only terhidden course, but whether it can be restored? This is what I will discuss, that is to return the file as normal.

For those who do not know and was curious to find out, follow the steps it follows ²:
1. First open the command prompt (go to the RUN menu: type "CMD") Then find the first file is located. as an example I have a file on drive E: and difolder "trial" where the contents of those folders have been hit by super hidden. and I will try to restore all the files back as they are, then the sequence of syntax in "CMD" as follows.

E:\>cd coba

E:\>coba>attrib -s -h *.* enter

It's finished, all the files terhidden by the virus had returned to normal, it is very simple and easy right? Well this way we can make a super hidden files by changing the sign + di ( -s -h) be(+s +h).

To find out more details can be typed "help attrib" will display information about the use of these attrib as below :


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