This time I will discuss about yahoo messenger plugin for WMP and Winamp. For more details, when we play the radio or online music in winamp / WMP will automatically appear the title of the song in our YM status. Perhaps some netter already many people know about this plugin, so this article I wrote for my friends who do not know and are interested in this plugin. To start the install this plugin please follow the steps below:

1. First download the application
- For WMP plugin download here
- For plugin Winamp download here
2. Next install the plugin and need sedit for setting each of the plugin.
- For the setting in WMP just go to the Tools menu ~> Plug-ins ~> check on the data messenger plugin. then the music will automatically play in WMP that we will be performing in our YM status ..
- To Setting plugin in winamp and press CTRL + P to open Messenger Now Playing 4.6 it will show the image as below.

To The setting can follow the above picture, then save.

That's all this about my article "Winamp & WMP Plugins Plug in YM "apologize if there are errors in the writing or difficult to understand for an explanation of the above. If there can be feedback via comments below point out, even if there is praise too highly expected of me, hehe ...

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