You're tired of waiting for the boot process? When you first install it already feels old. Especially if it mengnstal lot of software. There are ways to speed up Windows XP booting, ie:
1. Open notepad and keti del c: windowsprefetchntosboot-*.* / q and save it as ntosboot.bat.
2. Press WinKey + R, then type gpedit.msc.
3. Go to Computer Configuration> Windows Settings> Scripts. Then, double-click Shutdown.
4. Pada jendela Shutdown Properties, klik Add > Browse, lalu masukkan file "ntosboot.bat" dan klik Open.
5. Klik OK.
6. Tekan winkey + R, lalu ketik devmgmt.msc.
7. Klik dua kali pada "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers".8. Double-click Primary IDE Channel to open the Properties.9. Click the Advanced Settings tab. On device 0 or device 1, change the Device Type to None. Click OK.10. Double-click Secondary IDE Channel to open the Properties. Do the same as step 9.


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