I went to my article titled PDF Converter, when we need images from PDF files is why bother to use a PDF file converter? It will surely take up our time, while we need only a few images from the PDF file. I gave a tip to take some pictures from PDF files by using Photoshop software, I'm sure the software is already familiar to us all and must have been installed also in our computer (that has not had kebangeten deh, nyindir little gpp lah, hehe)

To stride so is simple, just open Photoshop first and then click File -> Import -> Image and browse PDF files PDF. Next will come all the images from PDF files, and we simply select one of what we want click OK and save the pic format according to your wishes. completed already. Simple enough right?? but if it is less efficient way you think and you still want to use PDF converter file it's ok, I've created this article haya just to share knowledge alone, may be useful.


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