Have you ever chat with yahoo messenger? (Yes would have lagh, blm kebangeten ever, haha). For those of you who like or have been online daily at YM, I'll give tips to create an atmosphere in ym chat more lively and very aesthetically pleasing with the addition of unique emoticons, menirik, funny, and certainly not boring compared to the standard YM imoticon granted because this is an application up to date. SweetIM,, have you heard? Well that I will discuss this.

SweetIM is an additional item such as "emoticons, winks, audibles, sound FX, Display Pictures, nudges" to make communication more fun, this could be added to instant messenger like yahoo messenger, SweetIM also an Ads-ons for the browser Mozilla, IE etc. . but I myself only use this SweetIM for YM. For its use must be first downloaded the application in http://www.sweetim.comthen directly install the application, and try to open your ym then automatically there will be additional to the SweetIM emoticons. This results from a snapshot that I created.


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