Have you ever complained when I had to open the email because of troublesome having to open the browser first, what we are experiencing connection unsanitary conditions (down), hehe .. mainly for my own connection: D. Actually there are many tricks to overcome this, one of which is by adding a separate application for our e-mail account without opening a browser first. The application is also very diverse, from MS Office Outlook which is already very familiar even then we can open our mail from there, but for this article I will discuss about how to open an email with Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop application.

The advantages of this application that we can open emails with ease, even it can also open multiple e-mail (for those of us who have some email acount), this software is free and without the hassle of using ypop. Since working with Yahoo, so it was very easy to use. We do not need to make arrangements such as the use of Outlook. Quite simply enter the username and email password Yahoo, we can just enjoy this service. This software support for Windows, Mac and Linux.

1. Download first Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop and install the software.
2. Once installed then open Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop, and will appear as shown below.

For the first time click on ADD New Account and select the type of email account you then input your account name (to distinguish multiple email accounts), Your Full Name (according to your name), enter your Email Address and password. after the data has been filled all just click on "Validate and save '.

It's finished, your email account is already signed on Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop. Next click on "Launch the Desktop". and ...
well,, you have an email can be opened easily using the software Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop and without opening a browser first.

A few tips for the use of email from me, hopefully this can be useful for those of you who've made ​​time to read the article from me. For criticism and suggestions can pass comment below. Thank you

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